Sunday, November 26, 2017

Developing The Portable Wargame

When I was home last September I met up with my old friends Paul "Shotgun" Smith and Ross Mac. Ross came prepared for a two day visit providing all the troops, terrain and rules to play. You can read about our marvelous adventures on his blog, Battlegame of the Month. The link will bring you to his write-up titled The Wood of Tears.

The 2nd day was an introduction to The Portable Wargame by Bob Cordery. I have been toying with a Manchurian campaign for a while and have blogged about it a few time on the troops I've assembled. The latest being 14 Japanese trucks won on an ebay auction. I have them based and have stocked 4 of them with bags of rice. The rest will be troop carriers or artillery limbers.

 Bob's The Portable Wargame stuck me as the way to go. So I've started to collect my materials. I purchased a hex mat from Hotz. I purchase 3 inch lazer-cut hexes from an ebay store and have begun preparing my terrain. Not much to show but it is a beginning.