Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Anatomy of a Small War Part 8

Once again I return to Northern China, with reinforcements for the cause of The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. This heading has become the catch phrase for my 20mm (1/72nd) scale WW2 Imperial Japanese forces.

First addition are three Type 97 medium tank Chi-Ha by Dragon Models. The models themselves come pre-painted, with a plastic base and display case. I only had to open them up and rebase the tanks to my liking.

Type 97 medium tank Chi-Ha

I found the following listing for HO WW2 JAPANESE SOLDIERS and HO 14 PAINTED TRACKS on eBay. It sounded like a fantastic deal. I really wanted 14 trucks. The soldiers were Airfix LMG teams. The vehicles were repainted die cast models, to which decals of Japanese flags had been applied to the cab doors. I was unable to read the company details on the bottom of the vehicles. Another reason to have my eyes checked. Note: I have since replaced my glasses.

The batch included six cargo trucks, to which I added loads to the back of five. The other eight I have designated as transport, since they have visible benches on the sides for seating.

Cargo Trucks

Transport Trucks

Vehicle Park Storage