Thursday, January 26, 2023

1066 Saxon Kickstarter

  In May 2021 I backed Bob Murch's (Pulp Figures) 1066 Saxon Kickstarter in conjunction with Crucible Crush Miniatures. I selected the Saxon Raiders Pledge. They were purchased in order to build a SAGA army. I received my rewards last October. Thanks to the glorious autumn in Montreal  I was able to prep most of the selection before the weather turned. 

These were also entered into the AHPC XIII. I have been under the weather the last 2 weeks and my productivity has hit a brick wall. 

Two units are ready, in addition to the villagers I posted last week.

Unit Number 1 - Foot Command - 5 figures

Unit Number 2 - Dane Axes - 5 figures

Monday, January 23, 2023

A Hodgepodge of Figures

These figures were an entry in the AHPC from last week, but I must have missed the deadline and they were never posted. My posting day is Wednesday

1) Party of Adventurers

This is a group of travelling Clerics with a Magic User accompanied by a mule train of supplies and trade goods. The mules came from my mountain of lead, while the adventurers were part of a gift of figures given to me this pass summer when I visited Nova Scotia.

2) Villagers exercising their right to vote.

These three figures were part of the package of figures I was gifted on my travels. With torch and pitchfork they seem intent on removing a local bigwig.

3) Two of the 1066 peasant Women and Children figures I received as part of Bob Murch's 1066 Saxon Kickstarter in conjunction with Crucible Crush Miniatures. 

4) The final figure is Gollum, as offered by Harlequin Miniatures when they held the licence to produce LOTR figures.

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Sauron and Mouth of Sauron

 These figures from the Games Workshop LOTR line have been hidden in the darkness for many years and I thought it was time they were painted and exposed to the light. They were another entry in the AHPC XIII.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Harlequin Miniatures - Orcs of the Hand Warband

 I was recently searching eBay for some 30mm Round Slotted Bases and found a seller (Modular Terrain) who offered 3mm MDF Slotted bases of the size I was interested. I placed the order just before Christmas and in spite of the holidays received them earlier this week. It was a trans-Atlantic transaction. 

I was searching for some minis to work on for the AHPC XIII and got fixated upon my LOTR collection.  The figures were purchased about 20 years ago around the time that Harlequin Miniatures lost their licence to produce the LOTR figures to Games Workshop.

I have never been a fan of the plastic slot bases. Personally, I prefer something solid to which I can glue a litko magnetic base. I was very happy with the ebay find and have used all of my initial purchase. I hope you like the look of this unit.   

I have  another 100 figures which I have replaced the plastic bases. I now have a goal in the AHPC XIII,

Friday, January 6, 2023

Numidian Field Force Part A - Cavalry Unit

 I finally got around to working on both the crewmen for my elephants and the Victrix Miniatures pack of Numidian cavalry that I picked up. These is part of a new project to build an Art de la Guerre Numidian Army. This is part A as only the cavalry component is ready today. I still need to apply decals to the elephants. It was my fourth entry in this years AHPC.

I decided to use 60mm x 60 mm bases for each element of this unit. The figures themselves have a plastic base which is almost 50mm long and would overlap a standard 60mm x 40mm base. I didn't have any 60mmx50mm MDF elements in my supplies. 

I like the look, and but am not sure how it will be for game play.  The figures exude movement. 

Monday, January 2, 2023

Nazgul - Nine Rings for Mortal Men

 Would you believe three Nazgûl of the nine. Each year for the AHPC I summit at least one entry based upon the Lord of the Rings.  

I believe these figures came from the Attack on Weathertop package by Games Workshop and are close to 20 years old. I have collected a lot of LOTR dark forces, but I have been slow in getting them painted.