Monday, January 23, 2023

A Hodgepodge of Figures

These figures were an entry in the AHPC from last week, but I must have missed the deadline and they were never posted. My posting day is Wednesday

1) Party of Adventurers

This is a group of travelling Clerics with a Magic User accompanied by a mule train of supplies and trade goods. The mules came from my mountain of lead, while the adventurers were part of a gift of figures given to me this pass summer when I visited Nova Scotia.

2) Villagers exercising their right to vote.

These three figures were part of the package of figures I was gifted on my travels. With torch and pitchfork they seem intent on removing a local bigwig.

3) Two of the 1066 peasant Women and Children figures I received as part of Bob Murch's 1066 Saxon Kickstarter in conjunction with Crucible Crush Miniatures. 

4) The final figure is Gollum, as offered by Harlequin Miniatures when they held the licence to produce LOTR figures.

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