Thursday, January 26, 2023

1066 Saxon Kickstarter

  In May 2021 I backed Bob Murch's (Pulp Figures) 1066 Saxon Kickstarter in conjunction with Crucible Crush Miniatures. I selected the Saxon Raiders Pledge. They were purchased in order to build a SAGA army. I received my rewards last October. Thanks to the glorious autumn in Montreal  I was able to prep most of the selection before the weather turned. 

These were also entered into the AHPC XIII. I have been under the weather the last 2 weeks and my productivity has hit a brick wall. 

Two units are ready, in addition to the villagers I posted last week.

Unit Number 1 - Foot Command - 5 figures

Unit Number 2 - Dane Axes - 5 figures

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  1. I begun painting some mounted Saxons from that Kickstarter; a joy to paint.