Thursday, February 2, 2023

Numidian War Elephants

 Last weekend I spent about 4 hours to apply the decals to my Victrix War Elephants to complete this submission for the AHPC XIII. I would have sworn I had ordered two packs of Little Big Man Numidian Elephant transfers, but it looks like I have one Numidian and one Carthaginian. In any case the elephants are ready and the Carthaginian Elephants are obviously plunder or trophies.

My first elephant took the longest and I learnt from my errors. Somewhere along the line I lost one of the little corner square decals and caused a dogeared effect on one of the hawdah's side panels. Live and learn. Two much detail for my thick and clumsy fingers, which at times are all thumbs.

Two Victrix War Elephants with crew - Numidian Decals

Two Victrix War Elephants with crew - Carthaginian Decals

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