Friday, January 6, 2023

Numidian Field Force Part A - Cavalry Unit

 I finally got around to working on both the crewmen for my elephants and the Victrix Miniatures pack of Numidian cavalry that I picked up. These is part of a new project to build an Art de la Guerre Numidian Army. This is part A as only the cavalry component is ready today. I still need to apply decals to the elephants. It was my fourth entry in this years AHPC.

I decided to use 60mm x 60 mm bases for each element of this unit. The figures themselves have a plastic base which is almost 50mm long and would overlap a standard 60mm x 40mm base. I didn't have any 60mmx50mm MDF elements in my supplies. 

I like the look, and but am not sure how it will be for game play.  The figures exude movement.