Thursday, January 12, 2023

Harlequin Miniatures - Orcs of the Hand Warband

 I was recently searching eBay for some 30mm Round Slotted Bases and found a seller (Modular Terrain) who offered 3mm MDF Slotted bases of the size I was interested. I placed the order just before Christmas and in spite of the holidays received them earlier this week. It was a trans-Atlantic transaction. 

I was searching for some minis to work on for the AHPC XIII and got fixated upon my LOTR collection.  The figures were purchased about 20 years ago around the time that Harlequin Miniatures lost their licence to produce the LOTR figures to Games Workshop.

I have never been a fan of the plastic slot bases. Personally, I prefer something solid to which I can glue a litko magnetic base. I was very happy with the ebay find and have used all of my initial purchase. I hope you like the look of this unit.   

I have  another 100 figures which I have replaced the plastic bases. I now have a goal in the AHPC XIII,


  1. These are fantastic! Love those old Harlequin miniatures. A few of the orcs remind me a little of the old Nick Lund orcs from Grenadier Miniatures. Do you happen to know if he ever sculpted stuff for Harlequin?

    For many years I just couldn't STAND plastic bases, but I've warmed up to them in recent years - mostly for very small scale skirmish games, because I can write the characters name on the base and it's easier, for me, to keep track of who is whom (especially when the sculpts are similar!). That being said, I've recently started rebasing most of my historical miniatures onto wooden discs as well (the individually based ones were previously on washers, which just made them too heavy and they've warped the plastic drawers I've stored them in!?).. I don't love plastic bases THAT much!

    1. Hi Tim, I do not know who the sculptor was, but I always thought this line of figures were superb. Harlequin was founded by Dean Edwards in the early 1990s, and he worked for Grenadier for a brief period of time, so who knows who else may have helped him out.

      As for the wooded bases they can also be written on, if you don't go wild with texturing the base.