Wednesday, September 28, 2022

New Lease on Life - Part IV The End

 The final six stands are finished. I have added what pike that I could. These figures are what I believed to be original Hinchiffe Models from the early 1970s. I am sure there were 25mm figures of the day, but IMO are 20mm. I hope that converting them to L'Art de la Guerre rules will allow them to once again see the light of day.

Now For Something Completely Different

 Last month when I was on vacation in Nova Scotia I ended up at Lantzalot Game Store  in Blockhouse, NS. I was completely blown away by the width and breathe of what was available. If you find yourself on the south shore I'd advise making a side trip to this shop.

Upper Floor Gaming Room. Lance of Lantzalot Games on the left.

I picked up a Victrix War Elephant, as everyone needs war elephants and a selection of  buildings from TT Combat Tabletop Scenics Eastern Empire range. Last night I built  the Machiya Shop (TTSCW-EES-016)

After visiting the store, we went for lunch, at the Seaside Shanty not far from the Oak Island money pit. The fish and chips were fantastic, as was the view.

Monday, September 26, 2022

New Lease on Life - Part III

 Being of an age where it is not uncommon to be up at 3:00 AM for a call on nature, this morning I used the time to finish another block of pike. Flocking and tuffs were added last night before dinner. Since I was awake anyway, might just as well use 30 minutes to advance a project with the addition of the pike. Six more stands to go. Back to bed.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

New Lease on Life - Part II

Work continues on this project. The generals and four phalanx stands are complete. Pike added and basing and flocking complete. Ten more stands to go.

Yesterday while waiting for the glue to harden I opened a box of  Victrix Dark Age figures I acquired locally. Bonus!! At the bottom lay 10 metal cavalry  figures, although with just five mounts. Years ago I purchased 36 plastic generic horses from Wargames Factory (now part of Warlord Games) for such occasions and still had about a dozen prepped for use. 

 It also included an additional 5 metal foot figures, who stand upon the box in which they came. 

Most of the work on these figures yesterday was drilling through the hands so I could add their spears. Since they lacked weapons I trimmed some of the extra plastic spare parts that came with the Victrix purchase. I have a pill bottle filled with bits and pieces that were strewn about the bottom of the box. 

The really great thing about this Dark Age purchase was the figures were pre assembled and already mounted. They also came a pile of Little Big Man transfers so I am really happy with this score. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Roman Army - More Busy Work

While working on the Greeks, I pulled a few of my Romans that I felt could do with a refresh of their bases. IMO they looked pretty hideous before hand.

As well a gift arrived in the mail to join my Greeks. Beware of gifts bearing Greeks.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

New Lease on Life

These figures were part of a collection gifted to me by the widow of Jef Lauzon, who passed away in 2004. He was a master of the WRG 6th edition ancients rules and when I received them they were individually mounted. Fourteen elements of pike mounted for ADLG rules.  These were the armed might of his Successor Armies.

I spent the last few evening rebasing the figures. I need to do some sprucing up of the figures and of the bases upon which they are attached.

Nine bases of 50 year old plus pikemen (Minifigs or Hinchiffe Models I am not certain which)  and another 5 consisting of 1977 Ral Partha figures. 

I even had sufficient loose figures to create some command figures on foot. Now to attach 120 plus pike.

What do you know. I found a couple of hundred fresh pike stored away in a parts box. First 24 pike are attached. They look far better armed.