Wednesday, December 23, 2009

HOTT: Robin Hood

As a child growing up watching the Richard Greene ITV series or enjoying the classic 1939 Errol Flynn film, Robin Hood has always been a favorite legend that excited my imagination. Three years ago I exchanged some emails with Joseph Lappin on the subject and purposed the following options for building a Robin Hood Hordes of the Things Army. in 25mm scale.

HOTT Robin Hood Army List

Stronghold: Camp in Sherwood Forest
1 Hero @ 4 AP (Robin Hood)
1 Cleric @ 3 AP (Friar Tuck)
1 Sneaker @ 3AP (Maid Marian) Can easily enter into Castles/Enemy Camps/Etc
1 Lurker @ 1AP (Allen-a-Dale)
As wandering minstrel he hangs out in Bars/Fairs/Villages/ along the roadside
1 to 4 Four man Shooters @ 2 AP (The Merry Men)
1 to 4-Three man Warbands @ 2 AP (The Merry Men led by John Little & Will Scarlet) Note:Could be Spears but I think Irregular warbands more likely
1-4 Hordes @ 1AP Each Local Villagers

Possible 1 Paladin @ 4 AP (John Little)
Stout of Heart/ Brave beyond Belief/ Can best Robin Hood in Man to Man Combat

Example 1: Some Merry Men as Three Elements of Shooters

Example 2: Hordes of Angry Villagers "To Arms"

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  1. OK so what about yet another hero: The Blank Knight (aka Richard in disguise) and of course you now need a Sherrif of Nottingham list with Sir Guy of Gisbourne, some serrif's men and ..?? what to give it some glitz?

    Happy New Year Rob,