Friday, September 20, 2013

Heroes of the Soviet Union: Heavy Metal

The T-34 was the most widely produced Soviet tank of the Great Patriotic War. This week I built two ARII 1/50th Scale T-34 model kits. They were included in a box of gaming supplies I picked up at Cangames in 2006. They have been in the cupboard ever since.

ARII T-34s with 28mm Infantry for Scale
These kits are for remote control motorized models and I am sure the diehard model builders out there will slight me for not going the extra mile and completing the kits as originally designed. All I intend to do is run a mid-war Soviet tank platoon alongside my 28mm Soviet Infantry. I have a third tank that has been shown in a previous posting. It too, was purchased in the same box of models and game bits and is clearly a different scale. That’s OK, it can be the Platoon Leader’s vehicle.

Today was a fabulous, warm day in Montreal. It was a perfect day to sit on the balcony, catch up on some reading, take some photos and spray some minis. The tanks were treated to a coat of Flames of War, Soviet Armour War Paint. Decals and detailing need to follow.

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