Sunday, November 14, 2010

In memorial Jef Lauzon and a 25mm Mongol Conquest DBA Army

It has been just over six years since my friend Jef Lauzon passed away on October 27, 2004.

Over the years I leant a lot about the WRG 6th edition Ancient rules playing against him. I never manged to beat him at WRG, but I kept going back to play. Two summers ago, Annette, his widow, decided it was time to pass along some of his figures and I received a large collection of  mostly 25mm Roman and Greek figures. She keep the Forces of Darkness, and both his sons Dru and Chris selected the armies they wanted. i don't know how many times I clashed with Jef's Roman Legions, but I was extremely touched to have been selected to provide them a home.

In the box was a 18 man light cavalry unit that I always admired. I think that Jef told me that it was a unit that he won at the Origins Gaming Convention taking part in the WRG North American Ancients tournament sometime in the early 1980s. I don't know who painted them but I always liked the dusty look to them and I think they were the first  figures I saw painted with acrylites.

The only work I did on these figures was to base the single figures on to two man elements. No other work was necessary, but I ended up with a  nine element DBA army.  It had been on the back of my mind for a while that I would have to increase this to twelve elements. I ended up finding some Essex Mongol cavalry for sale on an Ebay store website (The Last Nazgul).

Two units of seven figures were available and I purchased both at a very reasonable price and the postal service from the UK rocks.

Looking at the DBA rules army IV/35 Mongol Conquest leaps out. I needed just 3 x 3CV and 1 Art to complete the horde and the 14 Essex figures I purchased fit the bill. I can always use a piece of Roman Siege Equipment as the Mongol Art.

1x 3Cv (Gen)
2x 3Cv
8 x 2LH
1 x 2LH or Art


  1. There may be a few of my old figures in amongst the Romans but I think most were Saxon & Viking types, including a personal general with WRG QRS tucked under his arm and dice in hand.

    I consider it a claim to fame that I cured Jeff of drinking scotch during one game by giving his Vikings a darned good scare. When I subsequently actually beat his late Roman with Hoplite Greeks by facing tournament tactics with historical ones and thus surprising him no end, I promptly gave up competition games as it felt like one of those once in a life time achievements.
    Jeff was certainly a man to look life in the face.

  2. Indeed he took life directly on and he certainly was one of a kind. One of the boys ended up with the Vikings, but I don't recall seeing any Viking or Saxon style figures here, but I'll keep an eye out for the personal general figure.

    I would have looked at beating Jef as a lfe time achievement, but alas I came close a couple of times but wasn't able to cross the wall. He was a fierce opponent.

    BTW Dru is working on his Phd in Ontario and Chris is in Toronto doing music.