Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oh, Bright and Shiny Toys!!!

Or The Captain's 15mm Lead Attention Deficit Disorder Update 1

I had time this afternoon to take photos of some of the work that I completed and included in my August 17th update. This is a real mesh-mash of various projects that have caught the Captain's Eye, and are now complete.

A) Late Crusades: Five Elements of Knights of Christ (Old Glory Miniatures)

Five Elements of Knights of Christ
 B) Two Hilltop Camps: This is a set of hilltop camps that I purchased for DBA 1.0 sometime in the early 1990's. One is an earth fort and the other a stone fort. Both have enough space to hold a 60mm x 20mm Element. As you can see they also work great for 15mm figures as well. Each Camp is mounted on a a 40mm x 80mm base.

Hilltop Earthworks
Hilltop Stonework Fort with 15mm 4Bw Element for Scale

C) Sassanid Persian (DBA Book II/69) 220AD-651AD Elephants: When I received the three elephants that I won on eBay, I discovered they were crewless. Buyer beware. I purchased a crew pack from Crossed Swords at Cangames in 2009. Unfortunately the crew are wearing a headdress that is suitable for Achaemenid Persian Empire. Someone is  makeing a 500 year old fashion statement.

Sassanid Persian (DBA Book II/69) 220AD-651AD Elephants

D) War Wagon: This was a gift that I received at Christmas. My sole contribution was to mount it on a base.

Hussite War Wargon

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