Monday, August 27, 2012

DBA Army IV/35 Mongol Conquest 1206AD - 1266AD

1x 3Cv (Gen), 2x 3Cv, 8x 2LH, 1 x 2LH or Art (need to borrow 1X 2LH Element)

As I explained in the chart a couple of postings ago, I purchased a painted Ancient Chinese DBA Army at the Cangames Booth 7 years ago. It included a large number of unpainted figures, with more on sale at the booth the following year. The story that follows should be divided into three acts. Where better to start than Act III. The Chinese are totally painted, mounted, but not fully identified, and are divided into two groups each of about 24 Elements.

Based upon the Elements that were left over, I felt that I could throw together a Mongol Army. The 14 elements available were:

3x 3Cv Elements

1x 3Kn/Cv (Gen), 1x 3Kn/Cv


1 Artillery Element

4 x 2LH Elements

4 more 2LH Elements

As you can see from the photos, there are two distinct painting styles on display with these figures.  Some figures were partly or fully painted when they were purchased. Others were untouched. Some elements combine both styles of painting.

By borrowing between one to three elements from other armies I find that I have a very flexible force that can be used to field a number of possible armies. How can you be more economical than fielding nine armies for the price of one.

II/80 Hunnic 356AD - 570AD
 A) 1x 3Cv or 2LH (Gen), 7x 2LH, 1x 3 Kn, 2x 4Wb, 1 x 2Ps (need to borrow 3 Elements)
C) 1x 3Cv (Gen), 8x 2LH, 1x El, 2x 3Bw (need to borrow 3 Elements)
D) 1x 3Cv or 2LH (Gen), 11x 2LH (need to borrow 3 Elements)

III/11 Central Asian Turkish 550AD- 1330AD
D) 1x 3Cv (Gen), 2x 3Cv, 6x 2LH, 1x 2Ps or 2LH, 2x 7Hd or 2LH (need to borrow 3 Elements)

III/14 Early Bulgar 559AD - 1018AD
A) 1x 3Cv (Gen), 1x 3Cv or 2LH, 10x 2LH (need to borrow 3 Elements)

III/30 Magyar 650AD- 997AD
A) 1x 3Cv (Gen), 1x 3Cv, 10x 2LH (need to borrow 2 Elements)

III/44 Tribal Mongolian 840AD- 1218AD
A) 1x 3Cv (Gen), 1x 3Cv or 2LH, 10x 2LH (need to borrow 3 Elements)

IV/46 Ilkhanid 1251AD-1355AD
1x 3Cv (Gen), 1x 3Cv, 9x 2LH, 1 x 3Ax or Art or 2LH or 3 Kn (need to borrow 1 or 2 Elements)

IV/47 Golden Horde or Sucessors 1251AD-1556AD
1x 3Cv (Gen), 3x 3Cv, 6x 2LH, 1x 3Bw, 1 x 4 Bw or 4Cb or 3 Wb or 2LH (need to borrow 1 or 2 Elements)

IV/52 Later Nomadic Mongol 1266AD - 1508AD
1x 3Cv (Gen), 4x 3Cv or 2LH, 6x 2LH, 1 x 7Hd or 2LH (need to borrow 1 or 2 Elements)


  1. Economy of force!
    One of the prime military principles.

    1. Wish I had remembered the axiom when I was writing the post. It would have made a great line.

  2. borrow what from where?

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    Compare the required elements for each army with the listed elements of the DBA Army IV/35 Mongol Conquest Army. The difference in listings will provide the list of missing elements. In most cases, this is usually LH or P elements or some combination of both. They will be borrow from any one of the numerous armies I have.

    For Example
    III/44 Tribal Mongolian 840AD- 1218AD
    A) 1x 3Cv (Gen), 1x 3Cv or 2LH, 10x 2LH (need to borrow 3 Elements)

    When compared to the Mongol Conquest army I need another 2 or 3 LH Elements in order to field this force

    I hope this is a clear explanation.