Wednesday, August 22, 2012

SELEUCID 166-83BC DBA 2.2 Army Pack Book II/19d by Essex Miniatures

I finally completed my latest DBA army.  I think this is the first time I painted an army in the same year in which  it was purchased. Essex Miniatures have a complete listing of all the DBA version 2.2 armies for sale. I find their line of  miniatures to be crisp and clean. My one complaint would be in the style all the cavalry figures in this army are sculpted. They all seem to hold their spear in the same position. I really have no idea how prevalent it is with their other army sets but it is clearly evident in this army, as the photos will show.

The army itself consists of the following elements

1x 4Kn (Gen)

 1x 4Kn

1x 2LH or 3CV
1x 4Bd
4 x 4Pk
 and the following elements  or choices to be made.

 1x 4Ax or El
1x 2Ps or 4 Ax
2x 2Ps

2 Elements of 4Ax
3 Elements of 2Ps
 Most of these elements are also included in the other 3 eras of the Seleucid empire. In order to field armies 19a to 19c, I need to purchase another Elephant, a Scythed Chariot, one element of Auxiliaries and a Warband (4Wb) Element. Additionally I should have two 3Kn Elements and three 3Ax  Elements to properly field all of the possible configurations available to a Seleucid commander.


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