Thursday, April 4, 2013

DBA Army IV/80 Hussite 1419-1434AD and 1464-1471AD

The genesis of this army was the purchase of a box of assorted 15mm Dark Age miniatures at Cangames 2011 in Ottawa. Included were three packages of Hussite War Wagons by Thistle and Rose. According to the Miniatures Page (Updated June 20, 2003) the company was no longer in production. Each pack contained two WWgs , each of a different design with 4 draft horses and 4 oxen. There were no crew members. 
Hussite War Wagons each with three Shooters
Later that year I was fortunate enough to win three separate auctions on eBay that provided the crew of the wagons and the figures to fill up the ranks. These were packages of older 15mm Minifies. There was one command package (10 figures), one package of shooters (12 hand gunners and 12 bowmen) and a package of infantry (12 Military Flail men and 12 Halberdiers). 

These are a couple of shots of the figures as they were being worked on.

I was able to place 3 shooters into each wagon, two hand gunners, but only one bowman. It should be a crossbowmen, but I'll take what I can get. The remaining archers formed two elements of 4Bow, not exactly on the list but who cares.

4Bd (Gen) and 3 Elements 4Bd (Flails & Halberdiers)
3Kn (General)
IV/80 Hussite 1419-1434AD & 1464-1471AD
Arable, Ag 1
1 x 3Kn or 4Bd (Gen) 
1 x 2LH
5  x WWg
4 x 4Bd (units of mixed Flail men and Halberdiers)
1 x Art
Current Hussite Troops
As you can see I have almost enough troops to field two Hussite Armies. I need to acquire three more WWgs, 2x 2LH, 2 x 4Bd and 2 x Art. I can cannibalize the LH and Art from my Renaissance armies, as I did with the elements of Knights.
War Wagon (Unknown Make)

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