Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Reaper Madness

What were you ladies and gentlemen smoking? I can see Kickstarter is a fantastic way for a company to raise capital for a line of products. But to turn a $30K request into almost $3.5M investment is madness, simply madness. Damn I wish it was my idea.

I hope that all that partook in the kool-aid are happy with the results. No doubt, those of you at the Vampire Pledge level will be very smug with your box of figures. From the looks of it you have everything you can run into on a Dungeon crawl except the kitchen sink.

25mm HOTT Dragon (15mm Figure for Scale)
All joking aside, I think the “Bones” approach that Reaper is using to make the RPG figures accessible to the younger crowd (or those cash conscious individuals) at a reasonable price is great.

 I obtained two of the figures. A buddy of mine went at the $100 pledge level and qualified for the additional options. Through him I was able to snag the “There be Dragons” for $15. 

15mm HOTT Dragon (15mm Figure for Scale)
I will be mounting these for HOTT, one for 15mm Scale and the other for 25mm Scale games. I admit that I am curious in how long a paint job will actually last on these polymer models. I was very pleased to see how easy it was to glue these figures to a base.


  1. Nice looking flying flamethrower, this kickstarter went viral!!!

    1. They'll look better when they're painted. I can't believe how viral it went. The same with Steve Jackson's Ogre reboot.