Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Danger Lurks: Work Table Fire Hazard

Last month I moved my painting table to be located in front of my window. It is a great place to watch the birds in the tree and to take full advantage of the natural light, or not. Most of my painting is done at night or in the early morning hours. I will work on minis during the day, but only on weekends.

I can even go out on the balcony to paint.

As you can see my desk is quite cluttered. After all a clean desk is a sign of a sick mind. This morning at 6:30 AM I added texture paint to the miniatures in the foreground. 

Monday afternoon I arrived home late in the day and took off my backpack and noticed a whiff of smoke arising from my work table. It looked like it was enjoying a cigarette.

In this photo I recreated the situation to illustrate the danger. The magnifying glass was sitting on the desk. Due to the position of the lens and the sun angle, the sunlight converged as a focal point directly onto the tabletop. In the following photo the focal point is to the right of the green paint. The table began to smoke, and the heat raised a blister in the paint. I was lucky to have caught it when I did. 

Can you spot the danger??

The lens is no longer on the table, nor is it in the path of any sunlight. I wrote this post to be a word of warning of possible dangers lurking on your own work desks.