Monday, September 28, 2009

A Touch of Whimsy: Kinder Surprise

Last week when I was in the check out line at my local grocery store the total had rang up to $49.94. I was 6 cents short of free delivery. Otherwise I'd have to pay a $3 fee. There in front of me, laid a solution. I grabbed a Kinder Surprise Egg for my room mate.

One morning last week she broke it open. It contained a toy boat. When she brought the boat in to me and said I could have it, I immediately thought I have an army that can go with this.

Last Victoria Day weekend at the Cangames Marketplace, I purchased a 6mm Baccus Punic War Army. I intend to paint and mount the army for Warmaster Ancient ruleset. So far I have mounted the three elephants that came with it.

I glued the boat to a GF9 40mm square Magnetic base and the sea was built up using Liquitex Natural Sand Texture Gel. Once the base was painted blue and whitecaps added I really felt that it looked like a fun piece to go with the army.

Above: Jason and the Argonaults are about to be rolled over by a rogue wave. (Just ignore the SPQR on the sail)

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  1. WoW Robert,
    Nice work on the miniatures! Bet you had lots of fun at the con. We missed you.