Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Anatomy of a Small War Part 2

As I wrote in January I won an Ebay auction that consisted of The item of 6 x packs of 20mm scale Japanese Artillery pieces from B.P. Cast include one x 20mm AA Type 98 w/ Crew, one x 47mm AT Type 1 w/ crew, two x 75mm Howitzer Type 90 w/ crew, one x 75mm FG Type 38 w/ crew, one x 150mm Gun Type 89 w/ crew.

I personally found the castings to be on the rough side, and the directions that were provided to assemble the guns were not as clear as they should be. However, I think I managed and I have the photos to prove it. The 20mm AA gun was too delicate for my thumbs and did not survive. Each gun came with three crew members. It would appear that there are a total of four crew poses available. These figures are much smaller than 20mm figures from Platoon 20.

I allocated the the three extra crew men to two of the larger caliber guns.

Photo 1: 2 x 75mm Type 90 Howitzer , 1 x 75mm Type 38 Field Gun with all 4 crew poses ( Type 38 is the gun on the extreme right)

Photo 2: One x 47mm Anti-Tank Gun and One x 150mm Gun Type 89

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