Sunday, March 7, 2010

DBA/HOTT 15 MM Base Camps

I have not had a lot of time in recent months to work on miniatures as I am now a full time student. I grab a few hours here and there to paint. The pictures I have taken to illustrate the posts that I entered today are not the best. I will be replacing them when my tripod is returned by the manufacturer.

This was a set of 15mm Napoleonic tents that I picked up from a dealer at Cangames 3 years ago. They are a drystone casting by JR Miniatures

They were easy to clean and fairly easy to paint. I never got around to painting my 15mm Napoleoic Army (Russian by Fantassin Miniatures) and thought that I'd use the 4 tents to prepare two DBA/HOTT Base Camps. One is occuplied by Dark Age Figures, the other by Ancient Chinese. Neither camp is meant to be historical.

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