Sunday, May 2, 2010

Soviet Air Power 1/285 Microarmour

I started to play modern micro armour late in the 1970s using the WRG Armour and Infantry rules 1950-1975, and later the revised 1950-1985 rules set. In spite of the size of my micro armour collection I neglected to build up the air wing. This changed earlier this year, when I noticed an ad offering a large collection of modern micro-armour for sale in the Ottawa Miniature Gamers Yahoo Group. I did not need the ground forces and the gentleman was willing to part with his Soviet Air Power.

Photo 1: MI-24 Hind D and two MiG 27 Frogger

I obtained four MI-24 Hind A, one MI-24 Hind D and two MiG 27 Frogger ground attack aircraft. The one problem was that the helicopters were missing the rotors. GHQ was very helpful in providing replacement parts and I received the brass etched rotors in just 10 days, along with a full colour catalogue and a time limited coupon for my next order.

Photo 2: four MI-24 Hind A

I drilled holes into the bodies of all the airframes in order to use some Games Workshop clear flying bases to hold the aircraft in the air. As usual the base terrain was be built up using Liquitex Natural Sand, and then will be painted with DeSerres Raw Sienna (Series 1 No 185) and flocked using Citadel Sand and Scorched Grass.