Monday, May 3, 2010

Invasion Earth 2150

Long before Tom Lehrer was introducing children to Silent “E” on the Electric Company, my generation was introduced to the not so silent “E” on Dr. Who. I remember rushing home after I completed my newspaper delivery in Spryfield to follow the adventures of the first two Doctors.

Hopefully the latest adventure would include an encounter those truly nasty metal clad beasts who would expound loudly upon the three “Es”.

“Eliminate! Eradicate!! Exterminate!!! Exterminate!!!”

Recently while reading the HOTT Yahoo Group Digest I came across an interesting posting that suggested that Irregular Miniatures produced in 1/300th scale an Attack Robot (NSF7) that would be perfect to fill the ecological niche occupied by the Daleks.

Photo 1: Command Stand (Centre) with Four Battle Groups


I ordered 20 sets, enough for 40 figures. Irregular Miniatures now accepts Paypal and the figures were in my mailbox at the end of the following week. My plan was to base them for Future Wars Commander. Forty figures would be enough to provide a command stand of four figures and 12 combat stands each with three figures. I decided that I would base them on an AFV/GEV stand, instead of an infantry stand.

I had been thinking of basing them, four or five figures to a stand as infantry, but I changed my mind and figured they are extremely dangerous, but small tankettes. The latest versions of Dr. Who even have them with hover and flying abilities. This is very real improvement from the days when they couldn’t even mount or descend stairs.

Photo 2: Side view

I used a Gale Force 9 base for the Command Stand, while the combat groups are mounted on 40mmx 30mm bases purchased from Robert Knestrick. He advertises his wares on EBay under the name of missiletoe. The bases are a laminated black plastic with heavy magnetic bottom. I decided to leave them untextured and unpainted, to give them a sterile asphalt look. I can always spruce them up later if need be.

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