Sunday, March 7, 2010

La nouvelle incarnation de Draconis / The Rebirth of Draconis

I received this announcement yesterday from the Draconis organization. Things are looking up for the Montreal gaming community.

La nouvelle incarnation de Draconis / The Rebirth of Draconis

We won't inflict a phoenix cliche on you here, but this is the announcement that Draconis is officially transforming into a game club. We will shortly be launching a new website as part of that transformation, but moreimportantly, we will be organizing monthly game-days where Montrealers can assemble and play in a casual environment.

Our first such game-day will be in a few weeks, Saturday, March 20th. We'll still be organizing our annual convention in October, and we'll be releasing more information about that soon. Both of these activities will have sections dedicated to them on our website, where you can find more information. We'll also launch new  forums where you can discuss both the game-days and the convention, as well as any other issues related to games or other subjects.

Our current focus is on tabletop role playing games and board games because that is where the interest and expertise of our committee lies. If you are a fan of collectible games, war games, live action role playing, or any other branch of our very broad hobby, then please contact us! We would love to have someone new on the committee who can promote and organize a new area for us.

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