Saturday, July 17, 2010

Undead HOTT Part II

I went all out last week to finish painting the Black Raven Undead miniatures that I received as a gift at Christmas 2009. Since I already have a fully equipped 15mm HOTT (Hordes of the Things) Undead army my plan was to base these troops on the 25mm element base size in order to achieve a grand view of Undead Hordes.

3 Elements of Undead Hordes

I also wanted to extend  the type of units available to my Undead Army. Optional troops that are not part of the offical Army Lists. Units of Shooters and Warbands which I would use as needed.

2 Elements of Undead Shooters

2 Elements of Undead Warbands

My plan was then to start painting the 5 packages of Black Raven Figures I purchased on Ebay last year. Unfortunately, before I could start I discovered another 6 sticks of figures belonging to this first group of miniatures. I have to finish painting them before I even think of the other figures. I don't think they'll be ready for my Halifax trip.

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