Saturday, February 25, 2012

Undead HOTT: 15mm Black Raven Figures on 60mm Bases

Over the holidays I could travel with one army. I asked my host which one should I bring. Joseph wanted to do a large battle HOTT. I have two 15mm Undead armies; one being mounted on 40 mm frontage bases, and the second on 60 mm frontage.

His plan was to use 4 regular Elements, mounted on a movement tray as one giant element. I had both 40mm and 60 mm figures, so I figured that we'd work something out. I started to base 15mm figures on a 25 mm frontage a few years ago, as I wanted to see what the effect would look like. In total I am able to field three separate 15mm (40mm frontage) Undead armies.

The second army was far from complete and I knew that we'd have at least a week between my arrival and the day before we could do battle. I would use the time to get the rest of my figures painted (16 cavalry and 160 infantry) Most of the figures are by Black Raven. This would provide me with enough figures to field two complete Undead HOTT armies using 60 mm bases. As it turned out, the miniatures never made it to the table. Instead we took part in an all day 6 player game of Twilight Imperium.

15mm Spears

 15mm Blades

15mm Bow

The above photos were taken on the work bench in my room at the Lappin's. Before I left Halifax all the figures were painted and the bases were flocked. I have one more step to complete. I have read a lot lately about the army painting system and it has been suggested on some forums that Minwax wood stain would also do the job. I picked up a can of the English Oak water-bases wood stain at Micael's.

 15mm Cavalry

As you can see these figures are in need of a wash or a dip. Due to the width of the Black Raven figures I have never been able to fit 6 on a 60mm base.I hope to try out the wood stain at some point this week. I will then post images of the completed army.

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