Saturday, July 12, 2014

There Be Dragons Part II

I attended Cangames 2014, in Ottawa during the Victoria Day Weekend last May. I hope to post more about the event in upcoming days. However I found a miniature that I've have been on the lookout for ages. That is an inexpensive dragon for 15mm Hordes of the Things.

It has the look of Smaug about him
And this is what I found for $5.00, already painted. It was covered in dust and sitting in a bin of old minis and parts. I think it was something put out by Games Workshop for their Warmaster/Battle of Five Armies games, but I am only guessing. If you can identify the figure, please let me know in the comments.

Tim, see comments below, has identified this miniature. It was originally a Ral Partha product, the Golden Dragon (01-094) and is now available from Iron Wind Metals. They seem to have kept the same product number. It’s a great looking figure and not a GW product at all.

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