Saturday, April 2, 2011

Soviet Medium Tank Battalions 1943

Back when I was a poor student, my early purchases in the field of microarmour were from Heroics & Ros. I am sure I paid less than 20 cents per vehicle at the time. However I was always drawn towards the much greater detailed miniatures available from C-in-C and GHQ. A few years ago opportunity knocked, and I was able to purchase three boxes of GHQ Combat Command packages at a local gaming store for less than half price. This past week, two boxes were painted.

First Battalion Painted Russian Uniform WWII Vallejo 094 

Second Battalion Painted Russian Green Vallejo 096

Both units were given a black ink wash (1: 20 parts water) to bring out the details and tracks and running gear were painted various earth tones with a brown ink wash.

Each unit at full strength had 21 x T-34/76s and 2 x Stalinetz Tractors (Recovery Vehicles). The Battalion would consist of  two tank companies each with 10 vehicles and  the Battalion CO in the 21st Tank.

I do not know if the recovery vehicles were attached one per company or acted as a battalion asset.


  1. Very cool -- do you have a preferred set(s) of rules to use for WWII microarmor?

  2. To the Bard. I have always enjoyed the June 1973 version of WRGs 1925-1950 Armour & Infantry rules. It is a rule set I can just pick up and go back to time and time again, as an old and trusted friend. My main complaint has been the rifle squads. I personally prefer the idea of an infantry section, as the base level infantry unit.

    I have also played with Tractics, Korps Commander, Combined Arms, Spearhead and in more recent years with both Firefly and Blitzkrieg Commander. I have to admit that I like BKC and how the game flows.