Sunday, July 29, 2012

15mm US Civil War Fire and Fury

A long, long time ago, three of us decided that we wanted to get involved with the ACW period, and we ordered three brigade packs from Stone Mountain Miniatures. Before I knew what was happening bot Charles and Harris had started to paint their "Northern Armies". I was left to defend State's Rights. Other local gamers were playing  Fire & Fury,  the American Civil War in Miniature we based our troops for that system.

Rebel Infantry on the Advance
My infantry, cavalry and artillery we painted before I left Halifax, as was my camp, which is the subject of a previous posting. What my unit lacked was limbers for the artillery. I've had two packs lying around for years and felt it was time to do one of them up. I believe they were by Old Glory 15mm and there were 6 limbers per pack. I painted all six up, even though my army only has four guns.

Example of 15mm Confederate Limber
Limbers in Mass
I dug out the rules to take a look at unit scales, and stand sizes for 15mm figures. The rule book's binding was old and brittle and it fell apart in my hand. I had a supply of Oxford binders and sheet protectors, and with the help of a hole punch the rule book was secured. However my artillery stands did not look right.I had used the wrong size base when they were mounted. I can't believe no one told me, or I didn't notice before.

CSA Battery

2nd CSA Battery

Gun Battery with Limbers


  1. I recently found some video footage of an ACW game that included your boys. It was at Dal, one of those later occasional weekend things, possibly the last time I did anything there, probably early 90's. Unfortunately the VHS copy was bad to start with and had deteriorated pretty badly.

  2. I recall the game. I think it was one of the last cons that we held at Dal. I am certain it was the first appearance of my stands of sheep. The boys also got some use with a group out in Sackville, including a massive game of Gettysburg played on what must have been an 8' x 15' table. Alas being before the predigital revolution, there are very few records of any sort.

  3. These are quite beautifully painted and based. Not an ACW guy, but this does look enticing. Best, Dean

    1. Thanks Dean, so many periods, so little time...