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CanGames 2019 Saturday May 18th Time Tripper

9:00 AM - Main Floor. It's show time and Time Tripper makes its debut. In July 2006 while on operations in Kandahar province a fire team of 1 PPCLI became separated from the main group. In an intense firefight their radio was damaged. The Canadians were able to take cover in a small walled  enclosure and began to weigh their options.

Example of the shelter available to the fire team.
A search of partially collapsed buildings revealed a collection of old Soviet equipment dating from their doomed occupation of the land. The local villagers threw nothing away. Zapper Smith, the intrepid radio tech thought he might be able to pull something together.  As the Taliban initiated their next assault, the radio commence to sound static and their was a sudden blue flash. After the flash dissipated, it was clear, as it was with Dorothy when she said, "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

Battle of Zama - 202 BC Set-up
I ran one table, with the able assistance of Mike  and Les the other, with Paul as his assistant. The important thing was not allow the game to bog down. Each table had 4 Trippers and we were equipped to handle a total of 11 players if need be. I only had time to photograph what was happening at my table.

Mike animating the dead. No elephants were harmed in this game.
The first scenario ran over an hour as we introduced the players to the concepts of the game. By the fifth round we were completing a scenario in just 20 minutes. The 2nd round I have no photos. The third game our players found most enjoyable. It was listed in the original Time Tripper game as a Dragon Lord, but I used a large dragon. Mike by now was starting to issue nicknames to the players. After this round, one was called Crispy and another simply, Dragon-Slayer. A third was known as "Loot not Shoot".

The fourth game was the hardest on my set of Trippers. The Trippers were up against a dozen German soldiers in the Battle of Falaise Gap. A sniper was particularly effective. All four Trippers died.

The 5th and final round of the game was set outside a Japanese tea house as 8 or 10 drunken samurai and ronin stumbled about in the dark. Easy pickings for the Trippers. Points were awarded for treasure (artifacts, ancient weapons, ancient coins, katanas or even a dragon scale or tooth, etc)  collected minus number of deaths. Due to the nature of time you really didn't die. You just waited to join your comrades in the time stream on your collective journey.

Dragon-Slayer. Winner of the Time Tripper Game
A trophy was awarded to the player with the most points. Dragon-Slayer won with a total of 14 points. The 2nd place was awarded to Terry Silverthorn, a player at the other table and third place was shared by three players. Two playing at my table and one at the other.

On a side note the award for Outstanding Improvement to a Boardgame went to the team.

The main actors in getting the game to the table.

Some possible Time Tripper encounters on Paul's work-table.

Canadian Forces prepared by Les

Tripping at the 2nd Table. A few photos of action at table two.

An ancients encounter of some sort.

Time Trippers vs the Dinosaurs. Les at the end of
the table running the game

Time Tripper vs The Red Army WW2

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