Friday, May 24, 2019

Cangames Sunday May 19th - Achtung Hurricane - Tobruk 1941

Sunday arrives far too early for my liking. My body ached all over. One more night until I get home to my own bed. I have signed up for a 9:00 AM game being run by David Redpath.

 Achtung Hurricane - Tobruk 1941. 

The Players Receive an Early Morning Briefing

The Bandits arrive coming in from the sea at dawn.
Two groups of fighters (Me-109s) and five groups of Stukas.
One flight of the RAF is on patrol. 

Smoke from a previous strike on Tobruk guides the enemy.
The RAF fling themselves into the fray.

Carnage everywhere. The Luftwaffe pass on a high bomb run.
They take hits from the AA while lingering over the site.
A 2nd RAF flight on its way home has been vectored in.

Red Flight is out of the battle and Yellow Flight is in the middle
of things, Yellow blows away two German units but falls to
superior numbers.

There was a third RAF unit but it didn't last long enough for
me to take a picture.
I was given the mobile ground radar set to run. The rule set was a WW2 variant of Dave's Bandit Rules. Combat is initiated when two opposing units (circles with planes) touch each other. Visibility is limited, so units must follow a pre-plotted course until they have spotted something or they receive a message.

Units must move toward a way point (wooded blocks). As radar I could adjust the location of one RAF any turn the radar worked and was successful at picking up a target. Units had two blocks but had to reach one location before going to the second.

Fighters may place a block on an enemy unit once they sighted it, thus allowing them to pursue it. Radar wasn't that finely developed so I couldn't tag an enemy unit. The allies won the battle due to the large number of German bombers shot down.


  1. Great summary Rob, the bombers were actually Ju88's but your radar was so crap it couldn't identify them and the Hurricanes were too busy fighting for their lives to report it during the raid ... :) Thanks to all who were playing.

  2. The faces in the early morning briefing have a very realistic grim, tired look to them. Another tough mission that has to be done.