Friday, May 24, 2019

Cangames Saturday May 18th - Frostgrave

I'm getting too old to spend 12 hours plus standing around tables on the concrete floor of a curling rink. My knees can't take the strain.  The last couple of years at Cangames I've only been getting two games in a day. The third session is usually taken by a much needed break for a meal with friends, some possible shopping or sightseeing or god forbid, an afternoon nap.

Sunday Evening supper at a Korean BBQ
Saturday I skipped the 2:00 to 6:00 PM gaming session and returned for an introduction (for me) game of Frostgrave. I noticed that it seems to have a popular following and I did not partake last year. It was chance to get my feet wet. The game was run by Tod Creasey of the Ottawa Miniature Group (OMG).

The two distant figures sheltering behind
the water trough are my minions.
In Ironboots and the Shieldmaiden's Secret, we were divided into two teams. I was assigned to the pit of hell, I mean the evil side, and as I was last on the sign up sheet I received the final available character on our side.

A third level illusionist with four spells. None of a direct combat nature. I was also assigned 3 minions, a thief, a treasure hunter and a marksman to do my nefarious deeds. Due to the large number of players we were not able to delve into their particular skills, other than my markman had a bonus in archery combat, and my treasure hunter had a plus in hand to hand melee.

Frostgrave Crew. My bald spot at the lower left corner of the table.
Photo by Tod Creasey
The game was get in, loot the place, kill the enemy and get off the board. Three turns in a roll  I tried to use my teleport spell, only to roll a one on each try, taking damage in the process. When the game ended I was on the side which won, was one of two MUs still alive on the board, but I scored a mere 10 points. The lowest in the game. One of my minions killed an enemy minion. Back to the apartment for a late night drink.

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