Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Beware of Gifts Bearing Greeks Part 2: Robin Hood

Another project that has slowly evolved over the past few years is my 25mm Robin Hood HOTT army. I am slowly accumulating both the Marrie Men and those of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Previously I was a recipient of some 25mm Medieval and Norman figures that were exchanged for some minor hostages.  

Two Elements of Merrie Men (Shooters)

The Sheriff's Men
Four Elements of Psiloi (Handgunners)

I know that it is pushing it to have Handgunners in the employ of the Sheriff but he always was a far thinking man. Crossbowmen are far more likely but the ones I have just don't have the appearance that I picture as being the Sheriff's men. See Below:

Three Elements of Psiloi
(not the Sheriff's Men)

Three Elements of Spear/Pike

According to Ross these figures were Elf pike men that were converted into a project he was working on at one time. Again they don't really belong in the Robin Hood mythos, but all sorts of folk lose their way to the Shire, when passing through Sherwood Forest

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