Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Soldiers of the Queen: Royal Artillery Part II

I was torn between blogging about the Soldiers of the Queen or adding another entry of Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts. Ross Mac, a fellow gamer and all round good chap sent some Ral Partha Colonial Artillery crewmen my way. It came up in an email discussion about what we were looking for.

The Field Force's Original Gunners
When I purchased my original colonial army it came with quite a few guns but almost no crews. I trolled eBay for a couple of months without success before purchasing three packages of Wargames Foundry British Colonial Crewmen, not realizing how grossly out of scale they would be compared to the older 25mm Ral Partha equipment. (See my original posting)

Gift from Ross Mac
With the figures Ross provided and another eBay win I had close to 43 (4 Indian, 10 Egyptian and 29 British)  crewmen to paint. I utilized a dark blue (Valleja 70930) over a black undercoat for the Imperials. It gave me the look I was aiming for without ant hassles. I now have to make a decision on how best to display these figures. Do I mount them on individual bases or do I glue them to the bases that already have the Guns Mounted? It would not be a problem for me to use casualty markers.

Egyptian Gunners: An eBay Win


  1. Hi,

    You can still get Ral Partha figures from Great Endeavors -

    I always like to see people using 25mm for colonials; the 28mm figures look nice but are too big for anything but a small skirmish IMO.

    1. I agree that the 28mm are much too big when compared to the Ral Partha lines. Thanks for the link. I have about 3 units of a mix of Old Glory and Black Tree Design Infantry, that will be painted in Khaki along with some guns, while I'll paint RAFM and Ral Partha figures in a more colourful style. I will keep them separate for most games.