Thursday, June 24, 2010

Daredevil Adventures: The Cast of Second City

When I dug Ginger out last week to be photographed while on safari I looked at the other figures that I used on the tabletop in my Daredevil's Campaign. The campaign was set in Second City, named in honour of that great Canadian TV comedy series, SCTV. Like Springfield in the Simpsons, one never really knew the location of Second City as it would float around according to the dictates of the game. But most players believed it was set on the US west coast near San Francisco

The figures were mounted on pennies and since I had them out I'd spend the time to put them on Gale Force 9 (25mm square) magnetic bases. Most of these figures were from the Call of Cthulhu range by Grenadier Miniatures, or Ral Partha. Also included are a couple of Shadowrun figures. The majority were painted by John Saranic in Halifax in the late 1980s. The Sahdowrun figures were by Peter Dixon and Anne-Marie Lindley.

Thus I introduce you to the Cast of Second City:

A) The Tough Guys:

B) The Coppers:

C) The Adventurers:

D) The Dames:

E) The Swells:

and finally F) The Freaks

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