Thursday, June 24, 2010

Terrain Projects: The Devil is in the Details

This week I continued my plan to conmplete some projects that have been sitting on my work table, in some cases for almost a year. As they say, the devil is in the details and what I really needed to do was complete the details.  All three projects are related to tabletop terrain.

Project number 1: Armorcast River Pieces by Armorcast Battlefield Scenery

I had two packages of river pieces that I started painting some time ago. The first package included two 4 inch wide river sections. Total length of the two sections combined is almost 12 inches. These are listed as

ACRV011 4" River Straight and Curve.
25mm Roman Cav for Scale

The second river package is ACRV004 2" River Y and Spring (1x4.5" and 1x5"). These are as noted 2 inch wide river sections. The same digure is included in the photo for scale. I am now able to place on my tabletop an 11 foot long river (note my gaming table is only 6 feet) that can range between 2 and 4 inches in width with transition pieces as shown in my Blog entry of last August. I am happy with the effect.

ACRV004 2" River Y and Spring
25mm Roman Cav for Scale

To complete the above project I had to ink the rocks, paint the sandy areas and add the green for vegatation and finally do the whitecaps on the waves.

Project No Two: 15 mm Resin Wicker work Gabions

According to Wise geek the word gabion is derived from the Italian word gabbione, a gabion is a container that is filled with sand or dirt. The device is often used in civil engineering projects, as well as some military applications and general road building. Gabions have been in use since medieval times, and are still employed by many civil engineers today.

I don't know what company the following product was produced by, but it was a purchase I made on Ebay earlier this year. The price was very good. The pack contained 3 x 6.5 cm sections, 3x 7.0 cm sections and 2x  right angle corners, each with a total length of 5 cms.

It is shown below defended by 15mm US Civil War figures. When Harris, Charles and I ordered civil war figures, they started painting first. I found that by default I had won the right to defend the rights of the states. Thus I painted a Reb division for the Fire and Fury Rules,

Gabions defended by 15mm Infantry by Stone Mountain (I think)

15mm Rebel Artilley Redoubt

Project No 3. Japanese Bamboo and Paper House

Again I am unsure of the manufacturer but this is a very heavy resin type house. I have some 25 mm Japanese Samurai figures I need to paint to go with it. In the meantime a 25mm Police Officer is included for scale. The piece came as 4 walls and two roof sections. The roof is removable and superglue was used to cement the walls together.

25mm Japanese Home

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